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“If you are looking for someone who will always have your back, and will be caring
and understanding, Kevin is the right person for you.”
– Joelle

19 Years of Proven Criminal Defense, Family Law, & Civil Litigation Representation

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Suffolk University Law School

College of the Holy Cross

Why Choose Kevin Dwyer Law?

As a top criminal defense attorney in Waltham, Kevin provides honest and dedicated representation so you can come out the other side with the best possible result.

  • Zealously Advocating for the Rights of His Clients Since 2005
  • Unique Advantage As a Former Assistant District Attorney in Suffolk County
  • Specializing in Defending Challenging Cases
  • Trial-Ready for Every Case, Every Time
  • Always Available to You Throughout the Process

If you’ve been arrested in Massachusetts or know someone who needs help, don’t hesitate to reach out for a confidential consultation.

How We Help You

Criminal Charges We Defend Against

If a criminal arrest or conviction has turned your world upside down, Kevin Dwyer can help put this crisis behind you. We handle all types of criminal defense cases:

  • Drunk Driving (OUI/DUI)
  • Driver’s License Reinstatement
  • 209A Restraining Orders
  • 258E Harassment Prevention Orders
  • Drug Offenses
  • Clerk Magistrate Hearings for Criminal Offenses

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Your attorney is responsible for protecting your legal rights and providing the best possible defense. While many lawyers are willing to take on your case, the outcome of your trial may come down to the experience and reputation of the Waltham criminal defense attorney you choose.

Through his years of experience as a Former Assistant District Attorney in Suffolk County, Kevin Dwyer has earned a reputation of integrity with prosecutors, fellow defense lawyers, legal experts, judges, and court staff throughout Massachusetts. When Kevin speaks, those who determine your future pay attention.

More Cases We Handle

We have a proven track record of helping residents in Waltham and throughout Massachusetts solve various legal problems. Kevin is the attorney you can count on to feel in control of your case and your life.

Family Law

Kevin Dwyer Law assists with all aspects of family law, including divorce, child custody, and alimony.

Civil Litigation

We represent clients in various civil disputes, including contract disputes, business conflicts, and small claims court cases.

Land Use & Zoning

Our firm handles complex land use and zoning issues, helping clients with special permitting, variance petitions, and navigating city zoning appeals.

What You Can Expect

There By Your Side From Start to Finish

Kevin Dwyer Law provides energetic, hard-working, and honest representation. We understand the system and will stand by your side as we:

  • Set clear expectations of the legal process.
  • Discuss your options and develop a strategy for success.
  • Answer all your questions (our lines of communication are always open to you).

Kevin is committed to guiding you clearly and concisely every step of the way.

We have successfully helped hundreds of people fight for their future, and can help you too!

“I strongly recommend Kevin Dwyer Jr., without equivocation, as an attorney. He is a very likable, genuine person whose integrity and strong work ethics can only be the greatest asset to any legal undertaking he pursues.”


“If you are looking for someone who will always have your back, and will be caring and understanding, Kevin is the right person for you. He is knowledgeable, intelligent, available. He is a wonderful people person who will help you through the emotional roller coaster that comes with divorce or child custody issues.”


“I recommend Kevin with my highest praise. I’m an attorney myself and have worked with many. Kevin was absolutely stellar, professional, incredibly competent, but also personable and caring. He took on my issue as if it was his own and my situation ended quite positively for me. Thank you Kevin!”


Let Kevin Fight for You

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