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Spousal support, also called alimony, is money paid by one spouse to the other for living expenses after divorce. The amount often changes over time and can be either temporary or permanent.

Unfortunately, alimony is often the source of emotional stress and disagreement throughout the resolution of the divorce process. It’s also not uncommon for a spouse who owes alimony to start hiding assets and claiming insufficient wages in an attempt to manipulate the outcome.

Only an experienced attorney can guide you and ensure you receive the fair alimony award that you deserve.

At Kevin Dwyer Law, our alimony representation is centered on you and your goals. Whatever side you’re coming from, Kevin will put you in a position to succeed.

Whether you’re looking to revisit the legality of your alimony payments to your former spouse or want to receive the spousal support you’re entitled to, we’ll guide you through alimony process from start to finish, providing trusted legal guidance so everything goes as smoothly as possible.

At Kevin Dwyer Law, our representation is…


With a strong attention-to-detail and energetic representation, Kevin will ensure you’re in the best position to succeed.


Our strategic approach leads to specialized representation. Kevin can dig into the details and discover what other lawyers may miss.


You’ll never be in the dark. Kevin personally handles every case, answering calls and responding to your questions.

How Kevin Dwyer Handles Alimony Cases

Kevin Dwyer Law will get to know your case and understand your goals before getting started.

When you contact us looking for spousal support, we’ll…

  • Ask about the details of your situation, working to develop a thorough understanding of your case
  • Set clear expectations of what you can expect
  • Discuss options and develop a successful strategy
  • Research finances to uncover all income and expenses to arrive at a correct amount of support

We’ll answer your questions throughout the process and are always available when you have a concern. We want the best for you and your family and are here to help.

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Meet Kevin Dwyer: Waltham Alimony Attorney

Kevin Dwyer can assist Waltham residents with complicated alimony issues.

After working as an Assistant District Attorney in Suffolk County, Kevin founded Kevin Dwyer Law in Waltham in 2005.

Whether you’re looking to achieve spousal support after a recent divorce or want to clear up an alimony dispute, Kevin has the experience and personalized approach you’re looking for.

With compassionate support from start to finish, Kevin will guide you through the process. Working together, you’ll make it to the other side with a successful result for your family.

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