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Solve Business Contract Disputes Quickly 

Is your business facing a contract disagreement? A client not paying? Has an employee shared proprietary secrets? 

One of the biggest mistakes local businesses make is assuming they can solve contract disputes on their own. But one wrong move and even simple, trivial contractual issues can end up costing your business thousands of dollars to fix.

At Kevin Dwyer, we know your time is better spent running your business than trying to resolve these issues on your own. Whether you’re facing a disputed contract or breach of contract, we’ll help your business solve these problems.

When you work with Kevin, you’ll have an experienced dispute lawyer ready to help you get the case solved quickly and successfully.

At Kevin Dwyer Law, we can help resolve contract disputes like…

Failure to perform contracted services within a specified time frame

Failure to perform contracted services as described

Failure to pay as agreed

Interference with the ability of the other party to fulfill a contract

Difficulty coming to an agreement on terms and conditions

Offer and acceptance disputes

Disagreement about the meaning or definition of a technical term

Contract fraud or coercion

…and more

Our Approach to Resolving Contract Disputes 

The foundation of a successful attorney-client relationship is communication. Kevin Dwyer takes time to get to know your business, the background of the issues, and what you’re hoping to achieve. 

 When you contact our office, we’ll:

  • Ask about the details of your situation, working to develop a thorough understanding of the background of your case
  • Set clear expectations of what you can expect during the resolution
  • Discuss your options and develop a successful legal strategy
  • Answer all your questions and be available to alleviate any concerns along the way

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Meet Kevin Dwyer: A Waltham Contract Dispute Attorney

Kevin Dwyer has been helping Waltham businesses solve contract issues since 2005. After starting his career as an Assistant District Attorney in Suffolk County. Kevin founded his firm here in Waltham. 

Over the years, Kevin has earned a reputation for providing his business clients with honest, dedicated, and zealous representation. 

Working together, Kevin takes the time to learn the ins-and-outs of your situation and develop a thorough understanding of your case. 

With the goal of achieving the best results for your company today and in the future, Kevin is the attorney you want on your side.

At Kevin Dwyer Law, We Provide…

Dedicated Representation

Kevin’s attention to detail and focused representation will put your company in the best possible position to succeed.

Years of Experience

His unique background and specialized view on all types of cases allow Kevin to catch what other lawyers may miss.

Personalized Attention

You’ll never be left in the dark. Kevin personally handles your case and will be there to answer your calls and alleviate any concerns.

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