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A Local Attorney to Help You Through Small Claims Court

If you’re unable to resolve your complaint through self-help or mediation, you may wish to use Small Claims Court. Small Claims Court is an informal and inexpensive forum to help you settle disputes of $7,000 or less. 

Although an attorney is not required to go to Small Claims Court, self-representation does come with some risks depending on your ability to articulate a position on the claim. In Massachusetts you are permitted to retain an attorney for Small Claims Court if you wish. You can also choose to work with an attorney to prepare for the Small Claims Court hearing, even if they are not present at the hearing.

At Kevin Dwyer Law, we have years of experience helping our clients win cases in Small Claims Court. Whether you need to bring a claim to court or are being sued in Small Claims Court, Kevin is here to thelp. You’ll have his persistent representation and a partner who is focused on getting the job done right.

Cases Handled in Small Claims Court Include…

Back-owed rent or other unpaid bills

Return of a security deposit

Broken or damaged property

Product liability (injury from a defective product)

Other claims valued up to $7,000

Our Approach to Small Claims Court Cases

  • Ask about the details of your situation, working to develop a thorough understanding of the background of your claim
  • Set clear expectations of what you can expect from the Small Claims Court process and develop a successful legal strategy
  • Ensure you are well represented, whether you need us to help you prepare for your hearing, reach an agreement to avoid going to court, or speak on your behalf in court
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Meet Kevin Dwyer: A Waltham Business Small Claims Court Attorney

Kevin Dwyer has been helping clients resolve civil cases since 2005. His years of experience makes him uniquely suited to represent you in Small Claims Court.

Kevin is known for providing honest and dedicated representation. Trust him to consider the issue from all angles, partnering with you to achieve the simplest and best possible outcome.

His goal is to make the Small Claims Court process as simple as it’s intended to be. He’ll help you create a roadmap for success and be there to guide you through the journey.

At Kevin Dwyer Law, We’re Proud To Offer…


Through attention to detail and focused representation, Kevin will put you in the best possible position to succeed.


Put Kevin’s extensive legal background to work for your case. He discovers what other lawyers may miss.


Kevin takes a 1-on-1 approach to representation, getting to know you and tailoring representation to meet your specific needs.

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